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The amalgamation of ENBI with PNB on 4th September 1993 was an historic event in the sense that for the first time a Nationalised bank was merged with another nationalised bank under the Govt. Policy of restructuring the Banking Sector. Had there been honest intentions the process of amagamation would have been a smooth and trouble free one. But a handful of selfish and coward agents parading themselves as trade union leaders conspired with the Management. According to the consipiracy, thousands of ENBI Employees were transferred from their permanent posting to far flunged areas without and good and cogent reasons. This created resentment amongst the employees and they looked for support from their fellow trade union leaders. These leaders who chant 'duniya ke mazdoron ek ho' 'jeena hai to marna seekho kadam mila ke chalna seekho' back stabbed these ill fated employees and conspired with the management. These leaders for whom trade unionism is a profession and not a medium for service to the working class saw an excellent market to get transferred favoured employees to their choice stations. Under the inspired leadership of Shri J.K. Sawhney a sutained struggle was launched against the management. The true trade union workers accepted the challenge and did fight tooth and nail these attempts being let loose on them. They agitated at all india level holding demonstrations, dharnas, rallies etc. Writs were filed in various Hon'ble High Courts of the country. Shame on these self styled retired and tired leaders who gone to the extent of filing affidavits in support of the management. This way they got exposed. Not only this they conspired with the management in getting Shri J.K. Sawhney removed from the services of the bank.
Quantity Never Wins Quality Ever Wins :
But then history proves that such conspirators have never achieved success. Such attacks could not demoralise the courageous true trade union workers and in the process they got enormous support from PNB employees and thus a foundation of self-less militant trade union movement was laid and ALL INDIA PNB WORKERS FEDERATION  came into existence under the able leadership of Shri D.P. Tank and Shri J.K. Sawhney President and General Secretary respectively.
With in a short span, the Federation has succeeded in creating new rights for PNB Employees such as creation of post of Head Cahier Catagory 'E', reduction in unit of clerks for promotion as special assistant.


Why PNB Workers Union?

Beware of Retired and Tired Leaders playing in the hands of the Management