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Punjab National Bank Workers Union, U.P. devotes these pages for Punjab National Bank Employees for recording their feelings, concerns, call for action against injustice etc. in the Punjab National Bank. Please send us a BRIEF account of the matter to be published and we shall not only be happy to place the same through these pages but we shall take up the matter at the appropriate level. In our considered opinion, it will go a long way in creating awareness amongst all concerned.

(1) Shri Sheel Chandra Garg of BO: Kila Parikshatgarh raised his voice against injustice done to him by giving CRS and he approached the union after being thorwon out of employement. The mattter was taken up and was referred to our All India General Secreatary Shri J.K. Sawhney who took personal interest in the matter and due to his succussessful pursuasion the organisation Shri Garg was brought back to employment of the Bank with continuity of service and was posted at the same branch.

(2) Shri Bachha PTS of BO: Govindpur Allahabad drew the attention of the Union that he has been denied his legitimate wages of part time employees and his wages are not being re-scheduled in accordance with the carpet area. Our State General Secreatary Shri Rakesh Khare took up the matter and due to his efforts his wages were rescheduled from one half of the wages to three fourth of  wages of sub-staff cadre.

(3) Few cases were brought to the notice of the union where the branches were upgraded from MMGS II to large branches but Head Cashiers Catagory Allowance for Category E was not released to Head Cashiers. The matter was taken up and intervention of our All India General Seceretary was sought. Due to his efforts the Bank issued Guide Lines vide Letter No. RMV/9/HC dated 24.12.2004 and Allowance of Head Cashier Catagory E was released on adhoc basis.

(4) Through Shri Rajdra Kumar of RCC Allahabad we came to know that bank is not paying Stagnation Icrement to employees under suspension. We took up the matter and due to our sustained efforts now stagnation increment has not been released in the case of Shri Rajendra Kumar but it has become a policy in the bank. We invite request from similarly placed employees in this regard.

(5) Shri K.C. Lal Srivastava of BO: Colonolganj Allahabad invited the attention of the union that bank has deducted an amount of Rs. 1.00 lac from his Gratuity Amount  on the plea of recovery of loss. Our State General Secretary took up the matter and when bank refused to release the amount, he filed case against the Bank under the Payment of Gratuity Act-the Bank has to release the amount so withheld with interest.

(6) Similarly the Bank withheld Rs.2.5 Lacs from PF of Sri K.C. Lal Srivastava marking lien. The matter was taken up and case law was produced before the management. Ultimately the amount was released. Now we are fighting for payment of interest and we hope that bank will pay the same with in one week.

(7) Sri Devendra Pratap Singh of BO: Naini was ordered CRS and no payment of any superannuation dues were made to him. He brought the injustice to our notice. We took up the matter and now the bank has to pay the amount of Gratuity and PF alonwith interest of Rs.70000/- for three years. Now we are fighting for relase of Rs.37500/ which has been wrongfully withheld from the Gratuity and we hope to secure justice for Singh. We also got released the amount of Leave Encashment and Pension to him. We have also filed a writ petition before the Hon'ble High Court for payment of interest on late payment of Pension and leave encashment.

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Beware of Retired and Tired Leaders playing in the hands of the Management